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I don’t know where to begin, but to sum it up…NJ is THE BEST!  As a fellow virtual assistant, it’s not often that you find someone with the same pride in their work and reputation.  I have worked and spoken with many VAs, who’s drive doesn’t have the consistency that NJ has.
Though I am new as an official business owner, I am not new to the virtual assistant world.  Beginning a business and building a website seemed so overwhelming, but I was lucky enough to cross paths with NJ.  Not only did she talk me through and showed me that the task was not as difficult as I had thought, but having the photography eye that she does, I was able to have a reliable and attractive website up and running within weeks!
What I appreciate most is her honesty. She is a person who genuinely wants to see people excel in their own greatness.  She follows through and makes sure that there is always communication happening, so the client (in this case, me) does not get off task. I would, without a doubt, use her services again and have happily recommended her to others.

Thank you NJ for all you do!!!
Karol Black

It is my privilege to say a few things about N. J. Stevenson.
I’ve known her for eight years and she made a great genuine impression on me from the beginning. N. J. is a brilliant woman filled with practical solutions to not only everyday problems but problems where we feel like there is no solution in sight.
I recently contacted N.J. with one of those situations that appeared hopeless to me at the time. Now I must say, I’m not one of those people who tells my challenging stories to just anyone. In fact, I don’t usually talk to anyone other than my husband. The reason is I don’t want to cry on anyone’s shoulder. I want solutions! The one person I thought to discuss my problem with was N.J. because I can honestly say, other than my husband, she is the only person I trust to give me godly counsel. N. J. encouraged me and got me up and running in the right direction with real solutions in a brief period of time!
Trust is an extremely valuable commodity these days and to know someone whom we can sincerely trust is priceless!

A potential employer called one of my employment references one time. When asked about me, the reference replied, “I would trust her with my child and my checkbook.” That’s exactly how I feel about N. J. Stevenson!

Debby Marin –Decorating Specialist

Working with NJ was a delight!  She was inviting and encouraging.  The photo session was fun and she made it feel very collaborative.  Rather than her simply telling me what to do, she had a conversation with me about what I felt represented me best.  Then, we worked together to create the look I wanted.  Her creativity sparked a lot of neat background options and she encouraged me to try different things.  I have already recommended her services to several of my friends and will continue to do so in the future.
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