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Why I Don’t Send A Client Questionnaire

I’ve been exploring the process of onboarding clients with a group of virtual service providers and virtual assistants and the topic of questionnaires came up.
Like welcome letters (read that here) I don’t send questionnaires to my clients because I don’t want to increase their to-do list, I want to help them reduce and manage it.

I Use Trello and Teamwork with Trello being my primary resource for collaboration with my clients. Inside the Trello Board I create a List called File Cabinet. Every client gets one.

On the File Cabinet List I do a card for the following:

-PDF with any info my client would have gotten in a welcome letter.
-Link to FAQ on the website
-Link to how-to for Trello (I walk them through but provide this for backup)
-An executed copy of our contract
-My contact information
-My clients contact information ( I request they update the fields)
-W9, EIN for 1099 issuance and any other legal documents and information
-Any other relevant documents  or information that would normally be ‘filed’

The File Cabinet List enables the client to have access to all our important documents and information. It’s right at their fingertips via the Trello app; they are able to view it any time they would like whether at their computer or out and about.

There is no right or wrong way only the way that works best for each person’s business model and client base. My objective is to make it as easy as possible for my clients to do business with me. My way of helping that along is to streamline the intake and onboarding process. I still gather and provide the same information however I don’t make it a separate step–in my process it’s an integral part of the client portal.

Bear in mind before we get to the Client Portal I already have an email and/or Skype and possibly a telephone number and address because I’ve already had a Discovery Call and viewed the clients digital footprint with them.

There are many methods to achieve the same thing, this is one of them.
For some the welcome letter and questionnaire are best practices while for others a more streamlined approach works best. Find your way and work your magic!

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