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What Type of Virtual Service Provider Do I Need?

Navigating the world of Virtual Service Providers (virtual assistants, virtual strategist, social media managers, online business managers, content creators etc.) can be a task within itself. There are questions on both sides of the partnership. I thought this would be a good time to have a quick chat about three things to consider when you’re seeking a Virtual Service Provider (I like to call them VSP’s).

Sometimes one VSP won’t work and you’ll need to contract another for a specialty area, don’t be afraid to do that. As you consider getting a right- fit for you and your business keep in mind that you’ll need to do one of the following:

1| Train your VSP
This is where things sometimes get bumpy. You’re already busy and overloaded and now you need to take time to show the VSP certain things in order to begin working.  You may need to train them on your systems and platforms.
AND you have credentials to share, files to upload and details to discuss but you’re just too busy to tackle it all. Take the time to tackle it. Like, block off time and get it done! Because this small time investment is going to save you so much time and enable you to scale you business. It’s a task I know but remind yourself of your ‘why’ and and how it’s going to allow you to do what you love!

2| Contract a highly trained VSP
Maybe you’re working with a platform and you want to contract a VSP that just gets it! They know this platform like the back of their own hand and all you have to do is say “I want….” and they finish the sentence for you. That’s magic! But it does exist in the VSP world. It also comes with a higher price tag so put some thought into what you’re willing to invest and remember that your VSP is a worthwhile investment .

3|Be willing to grow with a VSP
If you’re in a stage of your business where growing with a VSP is a good option do that. A new(er) VSP doesn’t mean they don’t have the skills to make magic it just means they are becoming more familiar with their wand and occasionally may have to do a little more research. Don’t count them out if you are able to invest in is this type of partnership.

Any type of VSP relationship requires communication. Clearly communicate your needs to the VSP and watch magic happen!

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