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Virtual Assistant: Why I Don’t Send A Welcome Packet

Virtual Assistant: Why I Don't Send A Welcome Packet

I’ve made some really important decisions about my business lately that impact me and my client. One of them is the decision not to send a welcome packet. Don’t get me wrong I think welcome packets are great and they’re trending; everybody is doing them.
The truth is not everybody is reading them.

By the time a person decides to be my client and pays an invoice they’ve already received this info via my website, the consult and the invoice/contract itself.
I realize this isn’t popular but my clients just want to get on with it and so do I. They’re ready to get down to or should I say up to business after all that’s why they contracted me….they were up to their elbows in things to do and my cute little welcome packet just adds another layer to that.

I do think it’s a great idea to make a copy of the welcome packet available in the Notes Section of their client portal. It’s there, they can download it at will. They can reference it and read it with a french vanilla coffee or a iced mocha.

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t read it, it’s another email to sort and another mound of paper to read. I’m just one of those people that have sorted these things out before I pay and the majority of my clients are like me. Those that aren’t like me will be able to visit the website or download the client policies and procedures, services offered etc. from their portals if the need arises.

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  1. Hi NJ!
    I find this makes quite a lot of sense to me too! I have not gotten to the Welcome Pack stage as yet, but I sure will create it, have it on hand if I see fit to send to a client, or at least they will have access to it. Makes a lot of sense! You’re absolutely on-point as it relates to not overwhelming clients!

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