Are you a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Service Provider (VSP) looking to work through your processes and procedures or get those packages sorted out?
This is for you!

Small Group

A small group setting of no more than ten at one time. WooHoo! Jump start your operational strategy or work through your top three packages. 


Work through your goals with an actionable plan. This  is designed so you can unplug!

Strategy +1 or 4 Weeks

To maximize it plan to spend a minimum of one hour a day for at least 4x a week.


NJ Stevenson is one of the most down-to-earth and inspirational women in the Virtual Service Provider Realm. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge and business strategies, she is able to present you with actionable steps you can start implementing immediately.

NJ’s advice for business next steps, group program offerings and so much more has led me to take action and pursue my true passions in my business. I can’t recommend her enough, if you’re looking for support, advice and a little “butt-kicking” to get you into action-taking mode, you need to reach out to NJ. Like yesterday.

Jess Pulliam - Marketing Consultant

  • 30 day sessions include a 15 minute Zoom or in-group kick off. 
  • Arrive ready to work
  • Operational Strategy
  • Interactive
  • 1 week Intensive 
  • 30 days to dive deep 
  • Private Trello Group 
  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Fine tune Processes and Procedures
  • Structure Packages
  • Case Studies 
  • Resources
  • Small Group
  • You're encouraged to 
  • Board Meetings and How-To Prompts 
  • As I learn, I share with VSPE
  • Increase connectivity

 VSPE is a small group intensive that allows you to unplug and get unstuck!

VSP Exchange is genuine, detached (unplugged) and productive...

VSP Exchange is genuine, detached (unplugged) and productive.  It has answered some questions I had about finding my first client and how to design branded social media posts. It has also helped me to be more confident in myself and my decisions to trust in my gut.

Tanya Dickson  //  Virtual Assistant 

1. This is for any Virtual Assistant or Virtual Service Provider right?

Yes, this is for anyone who has  or wants to have processes, procedures or packages for their clients .  
2. I may be too busy for this!

Maybe you are.  At this point it's a matter of whether you feel your processes and processes are efficient and working for you. Sometimes you can't afford to not slow down and get it right because continuing is costing us time, money and frustration.  If now is not the time to unplug for a minimum of one hour a day for at least 4 days a week this may not be a right-fit for you at this.  Don't give up, maybe it's not a right-fit now but will be later. We'll be here when you're ready!

3. Is there a refund if I don't put the work in or if I start and don't finish?

No, there is no refund for any reason. Your 30 day registration includes a 15 minute  1-to-1 consult with NJ if you have availability from 8a-7pm CST, Monday-Friday via Zoom. When you register you'll be added to the email list and receive an invite to the group.  And this requires you to work, it's not a sit and watch videos series, it's designed for you to organize your workflow.

4. Why is the cost so low? I hate low cost things and believe you get what you pay for!

Honestly, I hesitated pricing this low because I know people equate cost with value. It's priced at this price point to remove barriers and help participants work through blocks and be ready to have a workflow that works. 

5. Is there a payment plan!

Yes, there is a two payment payment plan option available for the 30 Day option. Select pay plan when you check out and you'll be invoiced for the balance in two weeks.  Savings happen when you pay in full for the 30 Day option. 

6. How  small is this small group? 

No more than ten (10) people at one time.  Participants come, complete their workflow and move forward. When it's full there is a Waitlist. You can join the waitlist at any time. 

7. Can I gift it?

Yes.  It's a perfect gift!

8. The Trello bonus, will it show me how you design your boards and use it with clients? 

Yes.  I hold nothing back. There's a full list detailing how I design the boards and use them with clients. And anything you want to know, ask and I share.

9. When does the next session start? 

Start when you're ready. It's always open and I'm active and present at least 2x daily Mon-Fri.  If you are a 30 day participant a 15 minute strategy call is included.  

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