Are you a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Service Provider (VSP) looking to jump start your business, build a team or be taken on as a subcontractor to gain experience?

Subcontracting In's & Out's 
Let's Talk About It!

it can help you grow your business and skill set but you need to know this first!

I'm a Virtual  Strategist, Digital Content Creator, Photographer and Project Manager.  

After 18.5 years  of commuting back and forth  as a licensed  risk manager in thirteen states I was so ready and you're ready too, that's why you're here! You're ready to start your virtual assistant  journey-I get it! Trust me I do, that was me  six years ago and I've been rockin it every since. 

I'm still a licensed risk manager for twenty-four years now but I ditched the corporate office for my home office. While I was working at the office I was running my virtual and photography business and non-profit nights and weekends. I am a commercial photographer/makeup artist (click here) and a stock photographer (click here) for fifteen years, I know what it's like to build your business while still working. Yes, it's challenging but it's also doable. 

You can spend hours sourcing information from Facebook groups and Google searches and leave confused, overwhelmed and maybe second guessing yourself or spend dedicated time working it out in a supportive and interactive small group community designed just for you. 

Are you ready?

Imagine having a place to unplug 
and jump start your
Virtual Assistant business...

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Are you a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Service Provider (VSP) looking to jump start your business or get unstuck?
This is for you!