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What Can A Virtual Assistant or Virtual Service Provider Do For My Business?

As a Virtual Service Provider (VSP) that provides support to new or recently started Virtual Assistants (VA) or VSPs I am often asked what services a VA can provide. VA services are broad. A better question is what services do you need?  The purpose  of this post is to share a few frequently asked questions and provide insight into adding VSPs to your team.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that one VSP can handle everything. Let’s place a big NOPE on that!
While VSPs are skilled at what they do some niche in their businesses just as other businesses do. Decide what services you need and what you’re willing to delete and know there is a VSP that can help you.

But I’m too busy to delegate to a VSP!
Letting go is challenging, I get it. One of the things that stops business owners from utilizing a VSP is they don’t feel organized enough to delegate to the VSP.  A VSP’s can help you get organized to be able to delegate-that’s magic right!

This is a general list of things a VSP can do for you:

1. Virtual Assistants (administrative)
2. Social Media Managers (growth strategies + analytics etc)
3. Social Media Posters (Post your content, engage with audience etc)
4. Social Media Content Creators
5. Client Relationship Management (CRM)
6. Calendar Management
7. Email Management
8. Email Marketing
9. Webinar or Live Streaming Moderation
10. Group or Membership Moderation.
11. Copywriters
12. Bloggers, Ghost Bloggers
13. Content Creaters
14. Course Creation and Maintenance
15. Website Designers and Developers
16. Website Managers
17. Funnel Experts
18. FB Ads
19. Lead Magnets + Ebooks
20. Website Audits
21. Bookkeeping + Accounting +Tax Prep
22. Branding, Logo
23. Business Consulting
24. Launches of various types
25. Lead Generation
26. Appointment Management
27. Travel Coordination
28. Event Planning Research
29. Internal Customer Service
30. Client Facing Customer Service
31. Processes, Procedures and Workflows
32. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
33. Video Editing
34. Paralegals
35. Digital Marketing
36. Project Management
37. Online Business Management
38. Inbound and Outbound calls
39. Organization
40. Transcription
41. RE Virtual Assistants
42. Purchase Gifts (holidays, client thank you)
43. Database Management
44. Podcast Editing and Submission
45. eCommerce
46. Affiliate Management
47. Public Relations
48. Curation
49. Proofreading and Editing
50. Reputation Management
and more…ask if you don’t see what you need.

I will explore frequently asked questions in part 2, coming soon.


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