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Tips for Self Directed Study and Upleveling

I’ve discovered Loom and I have been using it a lot.  I’m a lover of screen flowing and find it a valuable tool for communicating with your team or clients.  Susana at Loom asked for a case study, I declined doing a case study as I feel there are other Loom users that can benefit the company on a broader scale.

I wanted to try a quality and ease of use test with Loom and that’s the purpose of this post.  It’s all a test and there is a madness to my method. I know most people have a method to their madness but creating is my jam!

*If you’re using Chrome and want to Loom I’d love it if you’d use my link: GET LOOM


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  1. Great information and tips NJ. Some of these resources I’ve heard about and use, while the others I’ve never heard about and will make a note of them. I definitely agree with checking the reviews and course content of every course to help determine its benefits and alignment with one’s goals.
    Enrolling in free courses available for one’s topic of interest and wishlisting others that are paid courses to study later are also a great idea.

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