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An Open Letter: Stop Pitching So D*m Much

Dear Online Business Person,

Can I tell you a little secret? Your constant pitching in annoying. I see you. Pitch, pitch, pitch. For goodness sake can we just talk for a minute here! I get it you have a business, I have a business and the blue widgets (blue is my color) aren’t going to sell themselves. You’re making me feel really uncomfortable; I know we both want to sell our stuff but this hard core pitching, it just doesn’t feel right. This feels invasive like you don’t care about me at all. You do care about me don’t you? I mean I’m more than just your next sale, right?

Your pitches feel like the ”send to ten people to be blessed” chain letters I get in my Facebook messenger. I roll my eyes at those so hard sometimes they get stuck. Okay, my eyes don’t really get stuck but I roll them pretty hard!

I’ve already decided I like you and your blue widgets but if you keep this up I’m out! Here’s what I’d like first before I swipe and get your amazing blue widgets:

1. Talk to me, be interested in my story
2. Find out who I am
3. Find out what I do
4. Ask me my right now goal-what needs immediate attention
5. Ask me what gets my heart pumping
6. Ask me what challenges I’m facing
7. Tell me how you can truly help solve my challenges with your blue widget

The problem I’m having here is every time I post about regular every day stuff there you are sliding in a pitch. Gawd! Stop already. I get it, you have the best blue widgets on earth. And if you don’t pitch them constantly how will anyone know how awesome your blue widgets are, right? Wrong!

If you keep pitching them constantly fewer people will know how awesome your blue widgets are because they’ll be so turned off by your constant salesy stuff.

Stop pitching so d*m much. That’s all.
By the way, I’ll take two blue widgets.

Comment below if you feel there is such a thing as pitching too much. If you feel constant pitching increases your conversion rate share in comments below and tell us your success stories!


  1. OMG, thank you for addressing this, NJ!

    SOOOOooOO annoying to have almost every other interaction be someone pitching you some product or service. My paranoia levels are high whenever someone new on FB pm’s me. Pretty sure I look like I’ve been sucking on a lemon as I wait for the almost inevitable “Would you like to set up a Discovery Call/Strategy Session/Breakthrough Session?”. (Most of my friends are coaches.)

    Always feels like a bad first date with a sleaze who thinks he’s owed a GREAT night ’cause he bought you something off the dollar menu. Puh-LEASE!

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