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Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Business Solely on Social Media (Part 2)

I wrote about this topic briefly here, and Facebook makes t really tempting to build your business there. I mean you can take payments and sell things in the marketplace and have your products and packages listed and have a call to action on the site. It’s crazy I know! All this easy and free studio just given to you. It’s at you’re fingertips and it’s where all the shoppers that would buy your product hangout.

Have you noticed that Macy’s, Walmart, Target and other businesses have their own website?

Honestly, there’s not nice way to say it so know that just don’t appear credible running a business entirely on social media.
Since I’ve already talked about this before you’re probably wondering why there is a need for a part two because you heard me the first time. Part Two is happening because a photographer friend was recently sentenced to Facebook jail. It’s annoying. He thinks he posted too many pictures at once and they didn’t like it so he was sent to Facebook jail.

But above being annoying it’s disruptive to your business. That’s all. If you went to the Facebook clinker how would that impact a business you’re running solely on social media.

I’m not one for reinventing the wheel , below are two excellent reads on why you need a website:

Why You Need A Website

7 Reasons You Need A Small Business Website

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