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Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Business Solely On Social Media

Social media is powerful, very powerful. It enables us to connect with people across the globe and sometimes we don't pay for that reach. Sometimes it happens organically. That's awesome, I mean who would turn that down. It is a powerful networking tool! I won't talk about all the reasons you should leverage social media in building your business or non-profit. You absolutely should maximize your social media presence. What I am going to briefly share in this post is why social media should be secondary to your website. Social media is not your website. And the reason it's not your website is a pretty simple reason: you don't own your Facebook profile. It's not your domain. If Facebook decides to put you in Facebook jail or shot your page down it handicaps you.
You Don't Own Your Facebook Profile!
That is really it in a nutshell. Everyday someone with a huge following on social media wakes up to being shut down. Sometimes they know the reason behind it and sometimes it's a complete surprise to them. If social media is your only method or platform for conducting business how will that impact you? Your social media presence should point those who connect to you back to your website. I know it's convenient to interact via a direct message or inbox but to maximize your connectivity, lead capture, conversion, and even SEO getting traffic to your website is best. Your Call To Action should lead to your very own domain. Does it?
Does Your Call To Action Lead Back To Your Website?

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