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Ready to Brand Marketing & Social Media Image Collections (2)

I’m excited to share with you anothet Project 5 Series of  images for the online business owner who wants a cost effective option. The images are ready for design and text for your website or social media presence and they aren’t mass distributed! Don’t forget to subscribe so you get updates, there will be a new set monthly and some bonus ones in-between!

They are original images and I’ll license them five (5) times.

There are tons of places to get free images but everyone’s getting them and that doesn’t allow you to stand out.

This opportunity is for startups and established businesses alike; those that are not in the market for a full photographer commission but still want something unique–something not every other person is showing on their social media, website or online presence.

In addition to loving my life as a Strategist-Virtual Service Provider,  I’m a photographer and a stock photographer with Getty Images . You can license an exclusive image through Getty but it won’t come at a budget price. Images licensed under their Rights Managed (RF) license model are licensed again and again and again.  That’s a good fit if that’s what you desire. I have some  RF images on my Getty profile, be sure to check them out CLICK HERE.

BUT  these, these are for those who want to do their own thing!  Here’s a peek into the set.
These are included and formatted to add text and go!

Add your choice of 4 images!

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