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Find Your Niche With This Skills Survey

Do you find that discovering your niche is difficult?  No, you can’t service everyone and it absolutely helps you to market strategically if you know the audience you’re trying to reach.  You need a clear message that speaks to the heart of those you want to work with.

The question is often asked “How did you find your niche?”.

I didn’t.
It found me.

I think finding your niche is about finding you. You know what your skills are and what you enjoy, and that’s the best starting place in discovering your niche. Interest, skills and talent are the kickoff  to finding your niche and the services you may be able to offer.

Niche is defined as :  denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population or a distinct segment of a market.

One of our keywords being interest….
What are you interested in?
And who else is interested in what you’re interested in?
And how can you service them?
How can you fill a need that they have?
How can you solve a problem that they have?
How can you relieve their pain point?
Do you currently have the skill set to service them?
If you don’t have the skill set now, what is your plan of action for getting the skills you need?

If you don’t have the skills at this time it’s okay because you’re ‘interested’ enough to learn what you need to learn so that you can do it, right? Your niche finds you, it probably found you a long time ago.
It’s not something you do because it’s trending. It’s something you are both interested in and skilled at doing.

You can be skilled at doing something you really don’t like doing, the interest and excitement just aren’t there!  Not all virtual service providers enjoy Social Media Management (SMM), I tried it and it’s not my thing. I leave it for my team members that enjoy it and are interested in it.

Let’s survey and discover your niche or at least the top three services you can offer  to make a business owner’s life a lot easier. Grab two pieces of paper:

Sheet 1: Brain Storming
In no particular order write down all the things you know and enjoy doing. Include things you’re interested in and want to learn how to do that are related to offering virtual services.

Sheet 2:  Click The Images Below

Your niche has already found you, get acquainted with it.


  1. Speechless! Viewing your site, absorbing the content, recognizing the opportunities has rendered me nearly speechless. I love what you have done and are doing. I want to BE you. That said, I must be off for I have a ton of work to do to transform today’s ME into a better, more prepared, and successful me. Thank you.

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