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Should I Blog As A Virtual Service Provider?

There’s a lot of buzz to blog in the Virtual Service Provider (VSP) communities but is blogging for everyone?

I don’t think every VSP should undertake blogging. It helps with SEO is the most common reason given for blogging but how does this work for VSP’s who don’t enjoy writing and don’t want to outsource it? Sure, they could get some white label blogs or contract their own VSP to blog for them but is that something they should undertake as a startup business?

The answer to that lies with the individual.
There’s no one size fits all answer but it is worth noting that we often encourage VSP’s to offer the services they love and are passionate about. The next thing is blog whether you like it or not, it’ll help your SEO.  I find that conflicting. If you don’t enjoy writing and it makes you break out in hives there are other methods of producing content that may be a better fit for you.

One of the primary things I hear about blogging is “I don’t know what to write about!”
Topics becomes easier when we realize there are questions, concerns, products, how-to, thoughts and more around us all day everyday.

We see, we perceive, we think through processes and procedures, we hear and we experience things. If we’re doing it it’s likely it will benefit our client base. If our ideal clients have similarity to use they’ll appreciate the things we have to share.

A simple approach to building topics is:

Who is your audience? Speak their language.

What topics matter to them? Just as any procedure that is done two or more times should be in a Standard Operating Procedure any question asked two or more times can be answered in a blog.

Blog topics can be based on times and situations that are important to your client. A former non-profit client had a lot of activity around a national fund raising event. If non-profits are a part of my client base they will be interested to know some of the how-to and other VSP things related to non-profits and fundraising.

When I say blog I mean the traditional sense as well as video (called vlog). Your clients may prefer a different medium to get the information you want to share. If you don’t like writing but don’t mind speaking or getting on camera do an audio file or a video and have it transcribed. You’ll likely have some clean up to do and if you use a lot of ums and uhs you’ll have a lot of clean up to do. One of the benefits to this is you’ll learn to be more aware of your speaking.

Blogging is often presented as something complicated. It’s as simple as being yourself and writing about things that matter to you and your clients.

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