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Is It Going to Kill You?

Is it going to kill you? If not, you’re good.

I know, I know that’s over simplifying but after we go through all of our mindset moments that’s what’s left, that’s the bottom line. I have been a mentor and coach since 2003 in various capacities and fear is one of the big concerns across them all. Fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of success grip and paralyze many that have the ability to do great things. I was gripped, I was paralyzed.

It doesn’t matter how bad your knees are knocking together I see you succeeding!
I don’t have a universal definition that says success is six figures, a house, a family and the car of your dreams.  I think that mindset alone is an underlying current for much of the fear we see. As a virtual service provider and one who provides coaching and training to new and recently started virtual service providers I see it a lot.

Who said the only way to define success is to have a sponsored Ad circulating on Facebook saying you’ve made six figures? Who said that a picture of you being #locationindependent while working on the beach is how success should always be defined? Don’t tell anyone but I’ve worked on the beach and I haven’t cracked six figures as a virtual service provider. Shhh.

What is success?
Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

I’ve been accused of being brave and bold and told nothing seems to bother me. Not true.
Three things that I do for myself that help me navigate life :
1) I’m not always without fear but If it’s in my heart to do it, I do it afraid.
2) I define success for me and don’t adopt anyone else’s definition of what success looks like.
3) I eat ice cream in moderation, I found one that is low calorie and tasty.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with virtual services the answer is everything.
Whether you’re a client wanting to launch a product but afraid to do so or a virtual service provider wanting to pitch but too afraid to do it, fear must be confronted.  Acknowledging it and then confronting it are the first steps to overcoming it.

We can change our thought life and overcome fear. Wondering how I know? I did it; I worried and lived in so much fear about different areas of my life that I landed myself in the emergency room on multiple occasions. We’re talking a level of fear the band aid of affirmations can’t fix. Fear robs us of our innate greatness!

There’s no quick fix to this thing, it’s a daily exercise of pushing reset on negative thought patterns but it can be done. And you can step out and achieve the things you want to achieve –that’s success. If it’s not going to kill you, you’re good. Go ahead and do it!

Sometimes we just have to make it plain, the worst thing that can happen is you set a goal and don’t achieve the goal-it won’t kill you. How do I know? There’s not a single person in the world that has achieved every goal they’ve set. That’s not how this works!

You don’t need another external cheerleader telling you that you can do it, grab your internal cheerleader by the shoulders and shake her. Wake her up so you can speak positively to yourself and mean it. I’m not talking about positive affirmations that are a band aid over fear but telling yourself you can do something and believing that you can. It is okay if you don’t achieve every goal, just get started.

I create custom social media graphics and my hand drawn girl is one I use for myself, here she is with her amazing self sharing her thoughts with your amazing self! Meet Nina.

What are you doing this week to work through fear or anxiety? Comment Below. 


  1. Love this article! Bookmarking :). I’m working on some back-end things in my business and training – one step at a time.

  2. I’ve read many articles about fear but none have been as practical and thought provoking as this one. While reading this article I could actually see myself do those things I fear the most. I’m looking forward to doing it with fear!

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