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What’s my best advice for a new virtual service providers?

I recently answered this and thought I’d share it with you. My best advice for new Virtual Service Providers (VSP’s)

1. Don’t get bitten!
Seriously though, don’t let the six figure ads and lives bite you! I get it, everywhere you look someone is sharing about their six figure income and it is meant to inspire you but it’s having the opposite effect. You’re getting discouraged and that little voice in your head is saying “I’m never going to get there!” Just stop. Focus on building your business not what someone else is doing. My advice is to glean the tips and tools that person provides and if they offer a service that will help you get where you want to be consider investing in it.
Word of caution, we are in the age of great copy. Sometimes that’s all it is is great copy. Vet carefully so you won’t get bitten. Don’t be afraid to step out and invest in yourself and your business when you find something or someone that has substance.

2. That’s perfect.
It doesn’t exist and you’re going to make your brain sizzle training to attain it. Perfectionism is tormenting. I see a lot of people bragging about it as though it’s an admirable trait but sleepless nights that eventually lead to physical ailments shouldn’t be a bragging point. You’re probably wondering how I know this-I was that person.
My best advice is to do excellent work to the best of your ability and learn to step away.
Many of us have backgrounds in corporate fields and there is a reason the multi-million and billion dollar companies have a margin of error for their employees; the reason is that no one is perfect. Apply that same business strategy to yourself and your business.

3. Credentialing.
There is no official governing body for providing virtual services. Don’t get bitten by someone’s claim that their seal on your website is going to give you an overwhelming advantage. Providing virtual services means you are providing services in areas you are skilled and knowledgeable in. The skills and knowledge you have is likely a combination of life experience, corporate training with work experience and self directed studies. Masterminds and bootcamps that help you learn how to set up your business are great but they don’t give you clout.
Credentialing for the services you provide may be an underlying license, certificate or degree. As an example I am a licensed risk manager for 24 years.

4. Get started.
No, I don’t mean jump out there without structure and preparation. When I see new virtual service providers spend six months agonizing over getting started it seems I can actually hear my heart break.
I see virtual service providers spending months scouring Google and Facebook groups and going from mastermind to mastermind trying to make everything perfect before they launch. On things being perfect see #2. On the topic of launching, this blog post explains it.
The longer you take the more fear grips you. Get your free copy of my Quick Start Guide here and dive in.
There are a lot of startup programs to help you, I offer one that allows you to choose a 4 or 8 week start up plan. The eight week plan includes assisting you with your branding and website. If you need help get it. Choose a program and get started with the skills you have. This is a skills survey that helps you know what services you can offer now.  Always be learning something as I encouraged in this post.

5. Eat Ice Cream.
That’s what I would do. I’d have a little ice cream to celebrate my wins and milestones. I would encourage myself and surround myself with people who are encouraging. I would surround myself with people who have achieved what I want to achieve along the journey…that’s not always an A-Z thing, we have many mentors and teachers in life.
I would surround myself with honest and transparent people who want to see me grow even if they have an opt-in with a price tag attached. I wouldn’t quit my job without a plan and a reserve. If this is a side gig let it be a side gig, if you’re planning to do this full time you need a plan and you’re going to have to work the plan.

Everyone has different reasons and goals for providing virtual services. It’s time to celebrate your decision to use your skills to help others, go have some ice cream! What’s your flavor? Comment it below.

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  1. I am terribly at making a choice when is comes to picking one flavor. Two scoop cones were created for me! I do enjoy a lovely mint chip or mocha chip.

    1. Rachel, the doctor recently gave me a list of things not to eat. Guess what was on the list, yes ice cream. I’m devastated! But I like a rich chocolate and my second is a close tie between samoa and pistachio.

  2. NJ, I love the “Don’t get bitten” comments. Shiny object syndrome is very real when you are starting out! I am regretting some purchases, and grateful for some free webinars that have put me on the path to finding things out for myself. And then again there are some purchases that were great choices because it would have been lots of time and angst to figure that out on my own!

    1. Susie, I totally agree. When I relaunched I purchased a new virtual service provider course and never used it. If I can help one person avoid the overwhelm it’s a huge win. Ice Cream flavor?

        1. I grew up with Baskin Robbins but they don’t have them in my Dallas, TX area. Yes, they had great flavors including a Lemon Chiffone and a Black Walnut that my brother loved.

  3. Thanks NJ. I recently closed an on-line boutique I opened after a year because I realized it just wasn’t my thing, and that I would rather shop for myself and wear cute clothes than sell them. I agonized, and over thought, and spent more money than I had to get it started over a three year period to finally launch. Then poof, it was over. Then it hit me. I have over 25 years of executive assistant experience both in the private (insurance & financial services) and the public (government) sector. It has taken me a week (just doing some final tweaking) to my website, order cheap business cards, and send in my paper to the state for a business license. BAM. Ready to roll. Oh, and my favorite ice cream is butter pecan!

    1. Butter Pecan is my husband’s favorite also. Thank you for sharing your journey with me as it hurts my heart to see so many agonizing over getting started. 25 years is a lot of experience, I’m glad you are doing something that makes you smile. I like boutiques too though 🙂

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