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Mailerlite, Why Didn’t You Say So!

As a new virtual service provider you may be exploring your options for email marketing, there are a lot of options available, sometimes it may come down to budget. Two budget friendly resources are Mailchimp and Mailerlite. My adventure with establishing an account with Mailerlite for Virtual Service Provider Odyssey (VSPO) has been quite an adventure. VSPO is a community of new online business owners providing a wide range of virtual services.

If you would like to join the community CLICK HERE.

I started the account for Virtual Service Provider Odyssey (VSPO) with both services on the same day.
Mailchimp is established and ready to be put to work for the community.
Mailerlite requires a fully functional website. Mailerlite, why didn’t you say so?

That’s a reasonable request, but they don’t tell you that in the application process.
They ask for the website domain which was active and had a Coming Soon visible.
I wanted to leave the website for the community to build. ย Here’s the series of events:

First, I applied and they declined saying my website didn’t work. The domain was up and I didn’t know or recall any information in the application process that it had to be a fully populated site. The application simply asked for my website link, so I provided it.ย I had no idea they were wanting a fully populated website they could browse.

Second, I resent it with the Coming Soon page up and explained to them what I wanted to do with their service in conjunction with the website. At this point they haven’t advised me that what they want is a fully populated website. They declined the application again.

Third try I get this response. Finally. Great! Now I know. I have to fully build a website to be approved. But I don’t want to populate the website with content because the website design is a part of the community project. I replied with a link to two of my websites and our Facebook group. I sent this in reply to the email and via Facebook inbox.

I wanted our VSPO team to build the site from scratch and activate from the Coming Soon. Apparently to get a Mailerlite account I need a full website. Hopefully this will help someone else know that they need to fully populate their site first before applying for Mailerlite.

I populated the WordPress account with content. Time wasted. But you can see it here.

At 6:36PM I received an email saying it was approved with a limit of 500.

At 7:36PM I received a Facebook inbox reply from Mailerlite that the account was approved.

Be aware, you must have all your website populated before getting approved for Mailerlite.
I’ve heard their automation is better than Mailchimp but signing up wasn’t. I imagine most people save the email marketing setup as a last thing on their to-do list. I didn’t. Had I known there was a criteria that required a fully populated website I would have. Now we all know.


  1. Thanks for your post! Got so frustrated after gotten disapproved by their team earlier. I send in a chat asking for the reason and they didnt bother to explain why either. But now i know why from your post. They want a fully functional and fully populated website. Which yes, i didnt have as i am just starting out to build one on my rather empty wordpress site. I have GetResponse but couldnt understand why onboarding MailerLite is so difficult. I will look at other alternatives! Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome Jeremy. I don’t know why they don’t disclose this upfront. Seems they could save themselves some man hours and improve client satisfaction with this simple disclosure. Hope you find a platform that works well for you.

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