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Why your Google grabbed contract sucks!

Here’s the deal, you grabbed that contract from the internet and it sucks. It doesn’t suck because it isn’t legal,  I mean it may be legal and vetted for the person it belongs to but it’s not working for me.  You grabbed it from the internet plugged your name in where someone else’s name used to be and off you went. We all know that not every startup has the dollar for an attorney so let’s get that out in the open right now.

I’m also not interested in hearing how someone shouldn’t start a business if they can’t afford an attorney or an LLC or a $4500 mindset coach. Or the latest trending project management tool. Get outta here! By the way there’s nothing wrong with any of those things but I won’t join the put-em-down party because someone doesn’t have the cash flow someone else has at this moment.

Your internet contract sucks and I’m not signing it for this reason:
It says that anything I create belongs to you now and forever.

I’m a creative.
I was a creative before we met that’s why you’re subcontracting me.
I create stuff.
That’s what I do.
That’s what I’ve always done.
Heck my email address is even iCreate@__________.
Why? Um because iCreate.

I’m okay if the contract says anything I create for you in the course of performing work on your behalf belongs to you but that i-net contract wording is scary. And it is time for people to stop using it among virtual service providers. You can’t own everything a creative (or any ) virtual service provider creates.

Listen I get it, you don’t want me working behind the scenes in your business and getting a whim of your great products, services and courses and hitting the ground running with your idea- 100%  understandable. But being a subcontractor for you doesn’t mean my brain has stopped working or that I don’t have clients and ideas of my own; I’m not willing to contractually hand them over to you due to your i-net contract grab.

What’s going to protect me from you running off with my ideas after you ask me my opinion and thoughts? I’m an independent contractor business owner not your employee, counselor or consultant. See what I did there?

Head on over to Legal Zoom, Legal Shield , The Law Store , Law Depot  ,Freelancers Union, And Co, Dubsado and 17 Hats or whatever service works for you and let them help you with a contract that makes sense not only for your business but the industry in general. Sure many virtual service providers are so excited they just sign on the dotted line but asking someone to give up their work while they work for you and forever forward is probably not going to happen.  By the way, I’m not endorsing the legal services because I’ve never personally used them but I did hear other virtual service providers say they tried them as well as Rocket Lawyer.

Some don’t read the contracts at all and others read but don’t comprehend and say to themselves “oh nothing will ever happen”. Contracts are to manage expectations and protect the parties in the contract and I don’t feel protected when a contract says you have a legal right to all my ideas while subcontracting and beyond.

Here’s the thing, it’s not just the internet grabs. One company wanted to subcontract me and the contract which was attorney drafted specifically for that company said I had to submit every domain I own, If I invented anything I had to get their approval first, I could not work with other virtual service providers and anything I created belonged to them-forever. WTH!
What was I going to be doing for the company? Creating digital products and graphics as a subcontractor.  I do understand the need to protect your business I get it. But no, I can’t turn my own livelihood over to someone like that.
Also be careful some of the terms you have in your contract don’t borderline employee status vs independent contractor. Things like a subcontractor can’t work for someone else are iffy and may be a red flag to the IRS.

Your internet grabbed contract sucks.
That’s all.

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