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I love what I do, I mean like love it!  I was working with a virtual assistant in warming up their website and they advised me  they were  told it’s unprofessional  to use and  obviously they didn’t care about their business.

If you’re expecting me to jump on the bandwagon and berate users of this post will be very disappointing.

Last time I viewed the statistics, WordPress had over 400 Million users. offers a free or low cost option and many startups have used it. I used it.

Shame on you! Shame on you for suggesting someone doesn’t care because they are not positioned with major startup capital.

As a Strategist I  have assisted many people with self hosted and free WordPress sites. Which would I suggest? Self hosted has the greater benefit for long term use. There are many writings on the difference between (free) and (hosted) so I won’t reinvent the wheel here.

If the budget is there start self hosted. Self hosted means you choose a host provider that has already installed the WordPress platform for you or will allow you to install it and you pay them for hosting your website on their server.

I know that it is not always possible when you’re getting started so the following tips are for users.

1. Though you’re not self hosting yet if you plan to do so within the next year I suggest searching out your host provider and purchasing your domain name from them.  Make sure they offer the ability to forward the domain to your and bonuses are that it comes with an email address that’s OR you have the ability to purchase an email address.

2. It’s also a bonus if you can do stealth (masking) forwarding. There are non-deal breaker cons to this but I won’t go into those here.  All this talk about domain names and pointing , changing DNS and masking intimidates some who aren’t tech savvy so being able to point it to a URL is an easy option until you’re ready to tackle mapping your domain.

3. also offers domains.  However, you may have to do some behind the scenes work to move it to your hosting site when you’re ready to self host. You can obtain your domain anywhere you’d like just be aware when you’re ready to move it you will have to do a domain transfer or map it to your new site.

4. doesn’t have as much functionality as a self-hosted WordPress but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice presentation. Here’s a tip: stay clean and minimal. Stay away from bold colored backgrounds. Go white and supplement with images that convey your brand identity.

5. Speaking of images, there are so many places that offer free ones. And honestly I see the free ones on so many sites.  Try using unique images, something different. I’m a stock photographer and it could be a substantial cost to get unique images from a stock house. You can see some of my images on GETTY IMAGES here.
I’m currently working on bundles (read more on that here) for those who want something that isn’t overused and on every virtual assistant site you visit.

I’ll be posting new bundles soon so be sure to subscribe so you get the updates.


  1. I love this! I use .com and don’t like how everyone just says switch to self hosted as soon as I ask a question. But I have a question for you. If I just want to strictly blog, share photos, and use affiliate links, not turn it into a business or do webinars and things like that, is .com alright?

    1. Megan, as long as the affiliate links aren’t violating any TOS you can use You may have limited widget functionality as I know a lot of people do their affiliate marketing in sidebars and footers but yes you can do it. Due to the revenue generated with affiliate links and affiliate marketing it can be considered “a business” but if you’re talking light weight affiliate links you should be fine.

      1. Awesome, thank you! I use it just for writing and add them for products I like and used, that sort of thing. I tried switching to .org and almost nothing transferred and pictures were with the wrong thing. So far .com does everything I want and I love it! Thank you!

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