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Four organization tools to enhance time management!

I’m really focusing on a more minimalist approach to a few things in my life and businesses so I’ve completed my Spring cleaning and eliminated some waste in my processes.

In a Skype session with a fellow virtual service provider I was asked what tools I use to stay organized and help with time management. Less is more, right? I realize this is a layered approach and may not be truly minimalist to some because I could use just one of these resources. I’m just not that “all eggs in one basket” kind of virtual service provider.

I thought this would be a good time to share the tools I’m using for calendar items and organization.
There’s no shortage of tools so find the ones that work best for you.
Currently, I’m using:

A  good old fashioned paper calendar. Yes, I’m actually jotting things down on paper. Yikes.
The calendar has large writing blocks and a place for notes in the margin. It is not for everyone but should I not have online or phone access I still have my information.  You may note the person’s name, meeting time and a phone or email with something like ‘discovery’.

Google Calendar from my computer, phone and syncing with Calendly which is my scheduler.

3: My iPhone calendar which works with Google calendar.

And lastly my project management platform.
I use Trello on the Chrome browser. You can get extensions that enhance the functionality of Trello on Chrome.  A calendar is available in Trello as a Powerup whether you’re using the non-premium (that’s my cute way of saying free) or the premium version.
The due date function in Trello gives you a reminder on the day before a card is due; it turns the due date yellow. The next action turns the due date red when it’s currently due or past due.
And when you’re done, click it and it turns green.

I’m not in love with the interface for due dates in Trello but I like Trello a lot. You can also utilize IFTTT along with Trello.
If you’re not a Trello user you can do the same with your project management platform.  Make yourself a CLIENT on your platform and input tasking you want to keep up with and get done.

Spring Cleaning-Done!

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