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What is a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Service Provider?
Virtual Assistants (called VA’s) or Virtual Service Providers are independent entrepreneurs who work remotely and save you money over hiring employees. They use technology to deliver services to clients around the globe without incurring the cost of taxes, health insurance, vacation etc.  Most work from their home offices and receive their project information by client portals , phone, fax, e-mail or instant message systems. They are partners in your success!

What are your work hours and days?
As a collaborative business owner, my team is a shared resource among clients.  As such, I do not offer immediate turnaround, though I expect most things to be started within 24 hours during the work week. I encourage you to place priority levels and deadlines on your projects and to submit them to me early to avoid RUSH fees.

I work standard business hours, Monday through Friday in CST.  You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If submitted after business hours, I will receive the task(s) the following business day. Task sent within the last 30 minutes of the business day are considered received the following business day.

I observe major U.S. holidays. I will be offline and spending quality time with family and friends on these occasions during the year:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Day After Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Additionally, I will work a half day on Thanksgiving Eve and New Years Eve.

You will be notified in advance when I have scheduled personal time for vacations, family gatherings or anytime I have advance knowledge that I will not be available due to situations such as funerals or other emergencies.

How will I know you’re actually working?
The short answer is RESULTS. Your bundle includes a specified number of hours as a tracking measure. Productivity is based on me getting the job done and is not based on me using a timer to track the time and generate reports.
You’ll know I’m working because I’ll devote the time in your bundle to meeting due dates, completing projects and setting milestones.  It takes time to do task or projects, however time alone is not an accurate measure of the skill and expertise utilized.

Can I change my bundle from month to month?
Absolutely! When you make your payment each month the contract you agree to is for that calendar month, there are no long term contracts. Why? I know seasons change. There are times when you may not require as many hours and other times when you’ll want more. During our status call or via email let me know before the last week of the month when invoices are generated if you want a different bundle for the following month and consider it done!

What If I don’t want any status calls or want more phone time?
I suggest a scheduled status call at least once per month. You have the option to have a scheduled call weekly, bi-monthly or monthly but I don’t suggest you skip having them. Status calls are billable so it’s best to have your action items and agenda in front of you during the call to maximize your bundle.

Can you keep my inbox organized?
Our team can absolutely do that! Delegating your Gmail inbox to me and my team to read, send, and delete messages on your behalf is a great way to stay on top of email and keep your inbox tidy. At this time I primarily organize Google, yahoo and your webhost accounts. Outlook and iCal are not guaranteed.

Can you help with my accounting needs?
Yes, we can set them up for you. we can key in data for you and run reports from them.

we will happily assist in finding you an bookkeeper or CPA. However, due to certain legalities and a specific knowledge required to properly provide accounting services I cannot provide the same cervices a credentialed bookkeeper or CPA provides. I will happily assist in finding you an bookkeeper or CPA.

Can you design work for me?
I provide limited design services and will always let you know upfront if a project is beyond my or my teams scope, if it is beyond my scope I can certainly research and vet qualified freelancers or graphic designers.

How about video or audio editing?
Much like design work, audio and video editing requires specific expertise which I am not able to provide personally. If it is beyond the scope of my team I will gladly research options for you.

Are Services Taxable?
Yes. They are. My home office is Texas based and all services originate from my home office. You can read more about the taxes that will be applied to your bundle:  CLICK HERE.


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