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How Drilling Down In Your Niche Helps Your Message

There’s been a lot of talk in the virtual service communities about defining your audience and drilling down to your niche. This becomes a sticking point for many and makes it challenging to get started because they feel uncertain about who they are targeting. You can be a Jack or Jill of all trades and try to be all things to all people–it’s not a new concept; neither is its burnout rate. When you enjoy what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with it just makes life and stuff in life better, right!

This post is for those who want to drill down in their niche. This will help to simplify things.
I talked about how to find your niche in this post.

We talked about two approaches to drilling down in your niche:
1. I am skilled at and enjoy these services, who needs them and what problems can I solve for them?
2. I enjoy working with __________, what skills do I need to work with them?

There’s no right or wrong, just different approaches. In this example we are exploring drilling down with #1.

This is one approach, not ‘the’ approach.

But first, if you haven’t taken the skills survey, you can find it here.
Numbers 1-3 are services you can get started with immediately.
Numbers 4-7 are services you can get started with immediately but will have to study to complete the task.
Numbers 8-10 are things that are on your study list. You want to learn them and offer them as a service.
Everything on your skills survey is something you enjoy doing.

I am a photographer; my virtual services and photography are married services.
A few years ago I decided I wanted to pivot or make a change in my client base for photography. I’ve always had a passion for photographing women but I decided to make a change in which women I photograph.

How did I narrow down who I wanted in my marketing audience? I have my virtual service hat on for this example,  let’s talk admin services…

These are the services I offer = Admin
Who needs admin?
Who do I enjoy working with in Admin?
What is my service and audience?
Admin for Photographers.

Go further…..
What type of Photographer?
Portrait Photographers
What is my service and audience?
Admin for portrait photographers

Go further…..
What type of Portrait Photographers?
Portrait Photographers that are women.
What is my service and audience?
Admin for female portrait photographers

Go further…..
What type of female portrait photographers?
Female portrait photographers that specialize in photographing women
What is my service and audience?
Admin for female portrait photographers that specialize in photographing women

Go further…..
What type of women do these female  portrait photographers specialize in photographing?
Women who own businesses and are getting branding sessions (commercial photography)
What is my service and audience?
Admin for female portrait photographers that specialize in photographing women that are business owners and invest in getting branding sessions

In this case if I wanted to continue drilling down I could. I could include location, education level, financial status and other factors as criteria for drilling down.

By drilling down I can have a specific message that appeals to a specific client. Many new and recently started virtual service providers (VSPs) have the thought that this will narrow the ability to make money but it actually allows me to service a client base that values a great professional photography session like I do, it allows me to use my existing knowledge to speak the language of my client and my clients’ clients.

Not only can I service the female photographers, but I’ve niche down and can also serve their client base.
They are women who have their own businesses-love that!
They invest in professional photography sessions-definitely love that!
And they will typically come to me via referral from my photographer client(do a great job so you get those referrals).

What happens if they are business owners and we’re still not a fit? You can’t be a fit for everyone. If you can refer them to someone that is a better fit. The VSP industry is diverse and it’s very likely you can find a referral  for them.

Strategically drilling down helps to target a specific client. In doing so it helps your marketing message be clear; it helps you to avoid what I call the “hey you! syndrome. I made that up…there is no “hey you!” syndrome but having an unclear message is like being in a crowded room and yelling out “hey you!”
Nobody knows who you are talking to when you do that. Everyone will turn and look briefly but within seconds they’ll go back to what they were doing because clearly you weren’t talking to them.
Don’t let the “hey you!” syndrome bite you.

If you are a Virtual Service Provider (VSP) join us at our free support community Virtual Service Provider Odyssey.


  1. This is a systematic way of focusing your core service/s as a Virtual Professional.i find this article helpful.thanks.

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