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How much is your DIY startup costing you?

One of the most common things I hear from new virtual service providers is “I don’t have any money and everybody is trying to sell me a course!” I decided to write this post to address this and help new virtual service providers step back and weigh their startup options.

You do have options. You can:
1. DIY your start up by spending hours scouring Virtual Assistant Facebook groups and Google
2. Streamline your startup expenses by choosing a program that suits your needs and one that has  built in support as you set-up

There is no right or wrong way of the options presented, it is a matter of what is a best fit for you. Startup expense is inevitable. What I’m finding is a lot of new virtual service providers don’t factor in their time as a part of that expense. Let’s assume you currently work a day job and your hourly rate there is $25 per hour, this is a breakdown of an estimated month of independent research you’d do to glue together bits and pieces so you can get started:

$25ph x 1 hour daily x 30 days= $750 (excluding website and branding)

Remember the saying that time is money. It is. How much is your DIY costing you?
The goal is for you to own a profitable virtual service business and sometimes DIY puts you far in the red. I’m not sharing this to encourage signing up for a program, I’m sharing to encourage you to take a step back and see if you can get a better start by utilizing a program instead of DIY. Some will benefit from a startup program while others really don’t have the finances even if they want to do one.

The cost of start-up programs varies, but some are great programs and are $99. Or you may catch them at a time when they are being spotlighted for $99 to $750. The range of prices is wide and your selection should be based on your needs, learning style and how the program will help position you for success once completed.

Which sounds like a better startup cost; $99, $150, $250, $500 or $750?
Which will put you further ahead, studying alone or learning from someone already doing it?

This is where I would encourage you to really step back and take a look at how you’re investing in your startup. Sometimes DIY is costing you more than a startup program with someone who has already successfully done what you’re trying to do.

The truth is you’ll likely spend more than one hour a day jumping from group to group and from search to search, pinching information from this source and that source which is called “cherry picking” and end with information overload and discouragement. I see new virtual service providers complaining about it frequently.

What’s right for you? When you decide what’s right for you, do that. If DIY is costing you more than a program that will put you ahead of the curve you are burning money by going DIY. Time is money.

If you’re a new virtual service provider or one that recently started and and you’re feeling stuck this free Quick Start Guide will help. Grab it and a spot in my next small group program for VSP’s who don’t want to go it alone-details provided  here.

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