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Confession of An Email List Subscriber

I’m thinking out loud again! I do that often.
I realize my methodology may make my client pool smaller. I’m okay with that.

I’m not okay with hopping on circling bandwagons, that’s just not my thing. I have difficulty understanding the concept of growing your mail list by gathering subscribers who wanted something for free and have no interest otherwise. Shhhh, some use a separate email address they have for junk mail but you knew that didn’t you? Some immediately unsubscribe after they get the freebie and you knew that too. The number of people doing that may be small but we can’t deny it happens.

Having a large mail list is awesome! Having a mail list that can be converted has to be even more awesome, right?

The goal is to make an awesome freebie or eBook to give away to people who sign up for my email list; hoping one day my catchy email title will cause them to open one of my emails and become interested in the products or services I’m offering. It’s a numbers game and sometimes you win at it. Sometimes you don’t.

I’d rather have a list of 100 interested and hot leads than 1,000 dead ones. I realize the law of averages is at work here and everyone has different goals it’s just that FOR ME this bandwagon keeps circling. It’s the trending thing to do. Everybody is doing it. And it is true people want something free in exchange for giving you their email.

I have a confession. I am guilty of signing up for freebies with no investment in the person or any future products or services they may offer. I’ve done it. So there I live on their email list, I see their emails and I never open them. On the other side they can see I never open them and one day they will purge me from the subscriber list. I confessed and whether others say it out loud or not I know I’m not the only person who has done it.

I was a dead lead when I signed up for the freebie—a day 1 dead lead.
Big huge list are nice because chances are one of those people who planned on being a dead lead might be intrigued and actually open the email and read it and buy something like a service or product.

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way, just a way that works best for each person’s business model. In the Virtual service industry it seems everyone has a freebie to grow their list. If it works and gives the desired result I think it’s a great tool. I would love to see some statistics on how many clients are converted from email subscriber list.

As a virtual service provider I haven’t started a list but I did manage one for photography using Constant Contact years ago. I’m thinking out loud, maybe I’ll start a list and maybe I won’t. The end result is each person must do what they think is best for their business.

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