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Overcoming Challenges As A Virtual Service Provider

Whether you’re starting your business or you’ve been at it a while we all face challenges. We face challenges at different seasons in life and for different reasons.
Some of the challenges are larger and have more weight than others.

I talk about the challenges that lead to leaving corporate behind and launching my “side hustles” full time in an interview with A Solution B LLC.

A Solution B specializes in Stress, Anxiety and PTSD management.
As a side note my businesses weren’t side hustles, I was fully committed to them for the long term.
Long term commitment is the reason I’m over fifteen years in Ebby’s Touch which is the parent company for photography and over ten years as a Virtual Strategist.

I encourage doing what you can to the extent that you can do it- no unnecessary pressure on yourself.
Self inflicted pressure that increases stress and anxiety is one of the things I see frequently that causes setbacks for Virtual Service Providers (VSP).

You don’t have to be like or keep up with anyone.
Having a sincere desire to excel and grow forward is different from placing unrealistic pressure on yourself.
You don’t have to be “booked out” a month after you launch.
You don’t have to have 99% open rate on your email list two months after starting your list.
You don’t have to have 10, 000 members for your monetized Facebook group three weeks after you start it.
You don’t have to convert 88% of the members in your monetized group to clients on the launch day.

Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself is just…unrealistic.
We all have limitations, when A Solutions B asked me what I learned about myself in the transition from corporate to pivoting in my businesses I shared about being resilient. You can read the full interview here.

Pace yourself strategically so challenges don’t take you out.
Maybe challenges will knock you down.
Being Resilience is the ability to get up and keep moving forward.
Because you’re an overcomer!

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