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Business Cards, Should I?

The topic of business cards comes up often. I use them, but I don’t enjoy using them.

I’m not fond of receiving them in paper form. Even so I understand that they have their benefits in the marketplace such as:

1. They’re tangible. People like to touch and feel things.

2. You can show your design, art or other unique skills on your card.

3. Some people still like stock piling cards. I’m not one of them but they are among us.

4. They help people see you as a business or brand. We’re in a digital age and quiet honestly if a printed card is the only way to legitimize your business and brand we’re already in trouble. But people expect business people to have printed business cards.

5. They usually have up to date contact information for you.

6. You can present special offers and promotions that are only available on your business cards.

7. Creative cards are kept, talked about and passed on.

Digital business cards are considered impersonal by some people. Personally, I’d much rather have a digital card than a printed one. I find collecting paper cards leaves you with stacks and stacks of cards that need to be digitized or cataloged in some manner. If you don’t digitize them or catalog them you’ll probably end up like me-rubber banding them and eventually throwing them away.

A good practice after receiving a card from someone is to contact them but after you’ve done your contact and built a relationship or rapport, added them to your email address book and backed their contact info up in the cloud what do you do with the card?

Do you have business cards for yourself?
What do you do with the cards you receive from others?

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