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Branding Board Design

One of the decisions I made recently is that I will not have separate social media platforms for Ebby’s Touch and NJ Stevenson since Ebby’s Touch is the parent or umbrella for NJ Stevenson. I’d much rather have both on the same platform and use the time it would take to manage additional platforms to provide service to those I partner with as a Strategist.

There is a challenge to having them both on the same platform since they have such different and not necessarily complimentary color palettes. ย  I set out to create my Facebook Like Page header, profile picture and a branding board that marries the portrait and event side of Ebby’s Touch with the Strategist and headshot side under NJ Stevenson and wanted to share it with you. Click below to view it.

As a photographer I use Photoshop for most of my work but for this I used

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