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Behind The Scenes with SignNow E-Signature

As a photographer I’m often using a platform with integrated e-signature capability such as Tave, 17 Hats, Pixifi or other services but I’ve always kept an e-sign service in my tool kit because I’m not an “all eggs in one one basket” kind of person.  Just as I keep a backup camera body, I keep back up services for those inevitable days when things happen. Every service platform and every business has one of those days eventually. SignNow is good as a primary e-sign service or a backup.

I’ve been using SignNow since 2012.  It is user friendly on my end and on the signers end. No hassle,  I admit I love fuss free applications along with my french vanilla coffee.
There are a lot of other e-sign platforms, some with more features and some with less. Find the one that meets your needs and use it. To help in that process I’m including a link to other services at the end of this post.

A Virtual Assistant considering SignNow asked if it requires signers to create an account; no it does not.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to provide those considering it a look inside before signing up for their own account. Yes, they offer a free trial.

Here’s a link to other e-sign services: Digital Signature Software and MORE Digital Signature Software

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