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This Facebook community hustle is brand suicide!

Seriously, we must stop the “admin delete if not allowed” in Facebook groups. It’s easy to tell if it is allowed by reading the group rules. I’m adding this to my list of ways to be a good Facebook group member posted here.

I’ve been managing communities for over five years, the blatant disregard of group rules to drop an “admin delete if not allowed” promo is growing. It shouldn’t be.

I get it. You want to go in larger groups, drop a promo with “admin delete if not allowed” and bail. By the time the admin sees and deletes it, at least 500 eyes will have seen it and you will have gained some exposure and maybe a sale or two.  Got it.

I have to be honest with you, the strategy has the opposite effect on me. When I see you doing that I say to myself “that’s someone I would never do business with!” Why? They don’t respect other people and the boundaries they have and they sure aren’t going to respect me. It’s true I see you but not in the way you intended.

I’m going to assume you have done the research and concluded this is a good and effective strategy to get clients. You may get a few clients but you’re doing a number on your brand identity. It’s brand suicide because nobody likes a dump and run business.

I have an expectation when I’m in a group of business owners that they will read and adhere to the group rules. Many of the same business owners have a team of contractors and subcontractors and would take offense to their team openly defying their policies and procedures. They would take offense to veiled promo attempts and that’s often what “admin delete if not allowed” is.
Can we stop it now?

My suggestion is:
1. Read the group rules.
2. Abide by the groups rules.
3. If in doubt don’t post it, ask an admin or moderator.
4. Post promos on permitted days if there are any.
5. I know most suggest a 80/20 mix on the value-to-hustle ratio, but try a 90/10 instead.
Serve first, sell second.

I would love to hear you thoughts on “admin delete if not allowed” , comment below.


  1. You know, come to think of it I’ve been seeing a lot of that lately, more than usual, and I wondered if it was just me that noticed it. I agree, if someone has to say “delete if not allowed,” then why post it at all? Ask an admin or moderator if it’s okay to post, or if you think it’s something that really would be removed from the wall – don’t post it. Promotion is important, yes, but no-one wants to see constant self-promotion. How about a helping hand that can turn into a referral, that can then turn into a client?

  2. I think the person’s who are guilty of such times really don’t understand the purpose of groups and as such how to use groups to their advantage. Group socializing is to build relationships, share and learn. Many are not aware it is networking and sharing your knowledge that will help you get clients. Probably group admins need to educate group members some more about the purpose of groups and how using a group appropriately can help your sales. Rules are great. But to some they are meant to be broken.

    1. Tanya, thanks for commenting. I think they perfectly understand the purpose of groups but may not be marketing savvy and know how to use them to their advantage.

      Keep in mind that the Virtual Service Provider communities are collectives of business owners who must do their due diligence in learning marketing or hiring someone who can help them with that. Posting veiled promos in groups isn’t an effective marketing strategy and in most groups is a blatant violation of the rules. Speaking of rules they are easily accessible for the business owner to read. I would be curious to now what the ROI is for the “admin delete if not allowed” post.

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