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About ME

“Online, That’s Where I Help Women
Work Their Magic!”

ABOUT ME pages are so important that it’s a business service of its own; I get it! But I’m going to skip the trending buzz words and get to why you’re here–you’re here because you’re ready to go to a new level and you’d like help with it.  A new level means different things to different people, some just need a helping hand while others need an overhaul. Let’s talk about it! And then let’s do it!

I have over 30 years of experience in various areas with the last 24 years being a combination of risk management, photography, digital content creation, non-profit services and small business start-ups.

As a risk manager licensed in (13) states ‘getting it done’ was exciting but I wanted to work with women to elevate their brands, businesses and non-profits!

As owner of Ebby’s Touch I offer visual art related services and project management. I’m also a stock photographer with Getty Images and have been creating digital content for over 15 years.

As Founder and CEO of G.A.P. Ministries Inc. (a 501C3 non-profit) I also function in various administrative capacities. Now, it’s your turn. How can I help you?
Let’s get to know each other, schedule a time and let’s talk or video chat.
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Did I mention I love ice cream? I know that’s not a skill set but it’s a very important detail to getting the job done. Always dream ice cream. Ice cream unleashes my super powers 🙂

NJ Stevenson
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