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5 Ways to Kiss Your Comfort Zone Bye-Bye

Life is busy. What used to be an eight hour work day is now twenty-three hours. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but it sure does look that way.
Some people aren’t sleeping because their minds won’t shut down. Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I used to be one of those people.
Minds were meant to ‘shut down’, this is a sign we’re malfunctioning in our quest for life.
When we sleep well and get adequate rest a lot of self-healing takes place. And who doesn’t want self-healing?
Life is all about the grind and the hustle, right?
Behind all the pretty images portrayed on social media, lives are falling apart.
We’re comfortable with it, it’s our comfort zone.
Sometimes we need a break from our comfort zones to live life.

Take a social media break.
I know, I know. That made you squirm a little didn’t it? It’s okay. You’ve got post to do and Like buttons to click and profiles to follow. Get a scheduler like Hootsuite, Later etc. OR contract an hourly Virtual Assistant that is open to you tasking on an as-needed basis. But seriously take a break.
Break in this case means literally sign out and turn off notifications…wait did I just hear you gasp?
Yes, sign out! Turn off notifications and smack your own hand if you try to touch that app or go to that web page.

Go do something you haven’t done before.
This doesn’t mean something expensive; it just means have an experience that you haven’t had.

Talk. Write. Read.
Call someone that’s been on your mind but you’ve been too busy to reach out. Call just to say hi and play catch-up.
Do you enjoy writing? You miss journaling? Write a poem, email some non-business online friends you haven’t chatted with in a while, write some handwritten notes to those you love just to say thank you.
Read. Find something that elevates your soul and spirit. An easy read that resonates with where you are. Head to the bookstore or library and browse. If you find something head over to the coffee shop and just soak it in.
Breathe in, breathe out.

Walk up to a perfect stranger and become a friend.
I mean you may only be friends for as long as it takes you to be on your way but be friends. We’re so accustomed to pitching to strangers that everyone is a prospect right? Maybe for just a moment that person you met can be someone who benefits from your smile, your greeting, you buying them a coffee and saying an encouraging word and expecting nothing in return. No pitch, just interest in them.

Say no. Say yes.
It is taboo I know but not all money is good money, learn to say no so you can free yourself up to say yes when it’s a right fit for you. “I did it because I needed the money” is a comfortable pathway to being unfulfilled and feeling the sting of burn-out. I get it, sometimes you do something and don’t realize you don’t enjoy it and then you find yourself dreading having to do it. Been there already, that’s why I’m sharing this. If you already know it’s not a match for you say no so you’re positioned and ready to do the things you can say yes to!

Sometimes we’re so comfortable being plugged in that we don’t even realize we are forever plugged in and life is moving on without us.

A friend drank coffee all day. I finally said to him “you have a coffee addiction” and he denied it. So I challenged him to a 21 day coffee fast, he accepted only to learn he had a coffee addiction. It was comfortable for him and he did it without realizing he was doing it. When the fast was over the addiction was broken.

It’s time to break the mold of being comfortable.

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