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10 ways to be Amazing in your Facebook Groups.

I  was  asked to moderate in a Facebook virtual assistant support group. I want to share some of the tips I’ve shared as a Facebook group moderator over the past five years.
These are value-adding  ways to enhance your group experience.  Groups with open sharing are for giving value and receiving value. You are an asset to the group and these tips will help you power-up as a group member.

  1. Purge. If you find you aren’t visiting a group frequently it may not be adding value for you and you might consider leaving it. There’s no standard but if you haven’t been in the group in 60 days (aside from extenuating circumstances) maybe you don’t need it.
  2. Comment on someone’s post. Engagement on social media is huge and a skill set of its own.
    Engagement is a way to provide value.
  3. Post a permitted question, link or graphic. Visit the group rules and post accordingly.
  4. Participate in group polls. Why not? Group moderators post polls to help the group grow and provide content that’s relevant and beneficial to the members. If you don’t let them in on your thoughts how can they help?
  5. Offer to help someone find information you’d like to know as well. Research is our friend. Statistics show we retain information better if we actually put some effort into obtaining the information instead of it being spoon fed to us.
  6. Answer a question to add value to the group. Yes, you know the answer so why not share!
  7. If you don’t know what to ask because you’re not sure of what you don’t know or need to know yet, say so. Most groups are helpful and point you towards resources. I find the number of people willing to help others in Facebook groups quite amazing but if you don’t say you need help no one will know.
  8. Use the SEARCH feature in the group before asking because your question may be answered already. Grab a few keywords and plug them in to see what comes up.
  9. Google before you ask. No seriously, if you have time to type it in the group you have time to Google it. After you’ve searched Google, ask if you don’t find what you’re looking for.
  10. Found what you were looking for in your research? Great! Share it because it’s likely someone else wants to know also.

Be engaging. Add Value.

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